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6/05/16 - IRA National Championships on Mercer Lake

6/05/16 - IRA National Championships on Mercer Lake at Richard Coffee County Park in Mercer County, West Windsor Township, New Jersey
MVL8 Grand
1- Columbia 5:52.060
2- Yale 5:54.460
3- Princeton 5:58.590
4- Pennsylvania 6:00.330
5- Cornell 6:02.580
6- Harvard 6:05.400

MVL8 Petite
7- Navy 6:06.780
8- Mercyhurst 6:22.360

MVL4(+) Grand
1- Georgetown 6:41.950
2- Columbia 6:44.410
3- Princeton 6:51.110
4- Yale 6:52.410
5- Navy 6:52.460
6- Wisconsin 6:54.910

MVL4(+) Petite
7- Harvard 6:50.700
8- Cornell 6:54.010
9- Pennsylvania 6:55.900
10- Temple 7:04.160

MVL4(-) Grand
1- Cornell 6:24.580
2- Princeton 6:26.570
3- Harvard 6:27.660
4- Pennsylvania 6:30.830
5- Columbia 6:37.620
6- Navy 6:38.890

MVL4(-) Petite
7- Yale 6:44.190
8- Georgetown 6:47.540

4/23/2016 - Harvard

More to come about this... but the video of the 1V race can be found at

4/19/14 - Navy vs Harvard at Home

[Unofficial results from AUDIO]

The home races v Harvard are scheduled to begin at 08:00 EDT (a dreadful 05:00 for those alumni, parents and friends and family of Navy Lightweight crew on the left coast, but 21:00 for the family in Yokosuka Japan and 22:00 for Navy Lite fans in Melbourne and Sydney.)

Re-ordered order of the starts:

8:00 V8 [Harvard ~2 seconds over Navy]
8:20 1F [Havard ~12 seconds over Navy]
8:40 3V [Harvard ~6 seconds over Navy]
9:00 2F [Navy 6.5 seconds over Harvard]
9:20 2V [Harvard ~3 seconds over Navy]

Note that these times differ from those tweeted and on the website

Catch the live broadcast on-line at:

Kit Vallhonrat '93 will be calling the stroke-by-stroke as the crews race down the Severn.

4/12/14 Navy vs Georgetown Home Race Audio Broadcast

The home races v Georgetown revised time begin at 7:40 EDT (that's 4:40 for those of us on the West Coast). If you can't be on the seawall for the home races, you can be there if you have internet access.

07:40 1V [ NAVY 5:53.2 over Georgetown 5:58.1 ]
08:20 Navy 4V/1F Georgetown 3V [ NAVY 1F NAVY 4V Georgetown 3V ]
08:35 Navy 2V/3V Georgetown 2V [ NAVY 2V NAVY 3V Georgetown 2V ]

Kit Vallhonrat '93 will be calling the stroke-by-stroke as the crews race down the Severn.

Catch the live broadcast on-line at:

Go Navy!
Beat Georgetown!

Getting to Overpeck Park

By car, instructions on the Navy Sports website.

Public Transportation:

  • For the southern entrance at Challenger Road: Take NJ Transit Route 167 [Harrington Park/Teaneck] from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in mid-town Manhattan to the bus stop at "Overpeck Corp/AGFA Building." The bus dumps you off near the starting line. Walk about 2000 yards north to the finish line where there crews launch.
  • For the entrance along Fort Lee Road: Take NJ Transit Route 182 [Hackensack] from the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal. The route runs along Fort Lee Road near the park area's entrance, ask driver to let you off at nearest stop.
  • Navy Crew Alumni Reunion and Spring Kickoff Banquet: March 1, 2014


    Most Navy Lite alumni should have received an invitation forwarded via the USNA Foundation.

    The first annual Navy Crew Alumni Reunion and Spring Kickoff Banquet on Saturday, March 1st. The invitation contains all the details about this inaugural of what we hope will become a great tradition. This is a tradition that has been long in standing by many of the Navy competitors.

    For details, the invitation and registration, click on the graphic below or just visit

    2/11/2014 - Winter 2014 Navy Crew Newsletter Posted

    We've added the Winter '14 newsletter to our archives. See for the complete index.

    11/17/2013 - Navy Crew Newsletter Fall 3013 Recap Posted

    We've added the Fall '13 recap to our archives. See for the complete index.

    3/23/13 - Princeton

    Schedule of Racing:

    Lightweight Men

    10:00am - Third Varsity
    10:20am - First Freshmen
    10:40am - Second Varsity
    11:00am - Varsity, Murtaugh Cup

    Watch the live stream at

    (doesn't seem to be working)

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    2015 Schedule


    Head of the Potomac
    Washington, DC

    Navy Day Regatta
    Philadelphia, Pa.
    All Day

    Head of the Charles
    Boston, Mass.
    All Day

    Princeton Three-Mile Chase
    Princeton, N.J.
    All Day

    Rutgers Invitational
    (plebes only)


    3/7 - 3/15/15
    Spring Break
    Oak Ridge, TN (TBD)

    vs. Yale Johnson Cup
    Princeton, N.J.
    Time TBD

    vs Princeton Murtaugh Cup
    Columbia WIT Cup
    Annapolis, Md.
    Time TBD

    at Georgetown
    Washington, DC
    Time TBD

    at Harvard Haines Trophy
    Boston, Mass. 9:00 a.m.

    vs Penn Callow Cup
    Annapolis, Md.
    Time TBD.

    EARC Sprints Championships
    Worcester, Mass.
    7:00 a.m.

    IRA National Championships
    Mercer County, New Jersey